“Pray For Me” – Man Cries Out After A Knife Cut He Had In His Dream Appeared On His Body Upon Waking Up


Nigerian man identified as David Chile Orji has cried out on social media for prayers after an unnerving dream he had transformed into an awful reality.

In a post he made on Facebook, he claims he was assaulted by a man and a lady in his dream, the pair attempted to wound him yet he figured out how to sidestep the assault while, but a little cut in the dream.

The man was anyway left in shock and has called for supplications after he woke up to see a cut on his body like what happened in his dream.

He wrote:

“Pls Pray for me, I slept last night and in my Dream i was attacked by a Man and a woman with kitchen nifes they tried to stab me but i escaped with only a cut from the woman i woke up this morning and it was visible .

But i know the God i have his taught for me is good and not evil, no matter the meaning i will be victorious, Join me and Pray God bless you.”

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