‘Pls Leave Us Alone, If You Had Rigged That 2015 Elections We for No Dey This Yeye Condition’ – Nigerian Shades Buhari As He Praises Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerian man has registered his displeasure and it is about former president, Goodluck Jonathan not rigging the 2015 Nigerian elections and staying in power.

According to this Nigerian man, Nigerians are going through serious hardship and it is all because Goodluck Jonathan wanted to play the good man role during the 2015 elections.

He made this known as he commented on a recent Goodluck Jonathan tweet. The former president wrote;


I congratulate all Nigerians as we celebrate our 60th Independence Anniversary. Today is another unique day in our nation’s history. It marks six decades of the anniversary of our self-rule.”

And this Nigerian commented saying;

“Pls leave us alone oo… if you had rigged that 2015 elections we for no Dey this yeye condition. Your good man don put us for buhari hand. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to make things right.”

9 Comments on ‘Pls Leave Us Alone, If You Had Rigged That 2015 Elections We for No Dey This Yeye Condition’ – Nigerian Shades Buhari As He Praises Goodluck Jonathan

  1. Let all the past go and focus on what is ahead, for our history can not destroy our destiny until we allow it. I know we be one day called a good country, so let’s stand by faith.

  2. Anonymous your one of the course but if you fail to repant you will face the vengeance of God because I didn’t know the reason why dollar is growing every day whly naira is dieing every day

  3. If Buhari did not get the opportunity to rule Nigeria, he could have been seen as the Messiah that never gets the opportunity to rule Nigeria. Jonathan has no choice in 2015 than to let the election goes the way it went. Because the conspiracy against him was so strong that his most trusted persons from the north worked against him though they were eating in his table.
    Nigeria had the opportunity to change Buhari in 2019 but few people working with him made sure they imposed him on Nigerians. We will survive no matter how hard it may be

  4. ”You will never know the value of a man until he walked away”. GEJ bring freedom, equality, equity, to Nigerian but we rejected all and embrace CHANGE. We have settled for change and in most cases, change comes with tolerance, patience, perseverance. God is using the 2015 general election as a case study for Nigerians. However, we should stopped to complain and approach for change of LEADERS in Nigeria.

  5. In 2015 election, Nigerians spoke with their voting, needless blaming Goodluck for not rigging the election. He did the right thing.

  6. It is good to be good. Mr goodluck did the right thing not to have rigged the 2015 general election.
    Let us play by the rules and not to call a wrong thing good.
    Nigerians needed a change, they needed Mr buari, and they got what they wanted. So why the cry?
    Please let us allow Jonathan to live his gentle life.
    Let us wait for 2023 to do the needful.
    God bless you

  7. Is Burhari surpose to develop ur LG and State? Ur Govnor collects billions of naira from federation account what did he do with it? Everybody is only focusing on Federal govt and Burhari for every thing in Nigeria. Please let us think .

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