Paying Salaries in Percentages Is Uncomfortable — Gov. Sule


Paying Salaries in Percentages Is Uncomfortable — Gov. Sule.

The Governor, Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has revealed that he is not comfortable paying workers’ salaries in percentages because throughout his 30-year working life, he never got his salary in such manner.

While addressing some suspended local government Directors of Personnel Management (DPMs) and Directors of Finance and Supplies (DFAs) at the Government House, Lafia, on Tuesday.

According to him, with what God has done for him, his conscience would not be clear, if as the Chief Executive of the state, he started paying salaries in percentages.

“For that reason, I constantly want to find out whether things are going on well or not. And in most cases, they are not going well,” he said.

He said that he invited the officials to hear their side of the story, since they were suspended over two months ago. The governor recalled that the DPMs and DFAs were suspended over two months ago, based on complaints that they constituted problem at the councils.

“The truth of the matter is, you have not been at the councils for more than two months, now, but the problem has not been solved.

“I will say that even if you are the problem, you are only part of the problem, because the problem is still there,” he said.

He explained that the meeting was for him to satisfy himself that he had been fair to them, even as he noted that a committee was presently investigating the financial activities of the local governments.

The governor said the committee might invite some of the DPMs and DFAs to appear before it.

He urged the officials to be honest in identifying the problems bedeviling the councils.

“I’m begging you, in the name of God. If you know the problem, if you guide me, I will not be afraid to take a decision to correct it,” he stated.

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