Oye Kyme Accuses Bobrisky Of Knacking Her Every mid Night While Working As His PA

Bobrisky Discloses He Has a Gas Station In Addition to the Hotel He Purchased Recently

 Bobrisky’s former PA Oye Kyme has continued to drag him by getting some things off her chest accusing him of knacking her every night while she was working as his PA asking how he got to know she sleeps [email protected]

Oye Kyme has been dragging Bobrisky, making a lot of accusations against him and now claiming he was knacking her against her wishes and forcing her to do things she never wanted to do but now she’s getting them off her chest.

According to her, Bobrisky has been pretending to be a woman but then loves knacking women and that’s why he would be asking her whether she is going to be with her clothes so that he can have access to her when she sleeps asking him to stop pretending to be a woman because he’s a man.

Oye Kyme then asked Bobrisky to come out and confess about the lies and all he did while she was under his roof saying even if he denies it, people that are wise will know that he’s lying and she’s speaking up now because she’s no more scared.

She then accused Bobrisky of beating her the day before she was leaving Nigeria asking anyone who knows his brother to ask them what happened that night because he was there when it all happened and that’s why he was begging her to not go since he k own she won’t keep quiet when she leaves.

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