Omotola Reveals Why She Never Made It In Music


Nollywood actress, popularly known as omosexy Omotola Jalade Ekiende has shed more detailed light on why her music career never took off 16-years after she dropped her debut single ‘Gba.’

In an interview with City 105.1FM Omotola said:

Music was one of my strong suits, it was. I think people just find it a little bit difficult to accept actors who go into music and it’s not just in Nigeria, it’s all over the world.

If you notice, people like Tyrese struggled for a minute before they got their foot in. There are so many actors who are actually very talented singers but people accept musicians who are going into acting quicker than actors who are going into music.

My music was very great. A lot of people over time, after the whole bandwagon of following people to say ‘why is she singing’, now most of them have listened to my albums and they’re now like ‘Oh my god, your music was good’.

(Let me shock you) I got signed to Universal. I was one of the first artistes even before a lot of musicians. Do you remember that I went to the Grammys? I think I was the first young artiste that was at the Grammys and I was invited.

So now in hindsight I’m actually very upset with myself cuz I’m thinking why didn’t I pursue this more? Why did I relent? Because actually I was accepted more internationally than I was in Nigeria. I’m not going to say that discouraged me, I think I just got to a point where I was over it to some extent and I put my energy into other things. Now in hindsight I shouldn’t have done that cuz I actually started very very well.

I still actually earn a lot of money from my music. At least I had two albums and now a lot of people have gone back to it and are now listening to it cuz now it’s on all platforms and now they have the time to calmly listen to it and go, ‘actually it was really good.’

When asked if she plans on ever-releasing new music, Omotola said she’s a creative person and probably will do it but not in a commercial way.

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