Omotola ‘Calls Out’ Mark Zukerberg for Not Meeting Her despite Having the Most Likes on Facebook In Nigeria


omotola-jalade ekeinde

Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, took to her Instagram account to discuss about Mark Zukerberg’s visit to Nigeria. ‘He met everyone

except those with the highest likes on Facebook’ ,She wrote.


From what she wrote, “That weird moment Zuckerberg visits Nigeria and meets with Everyone but the ones with the highest Ff on his platform #welcomeZuck or #goodbyezuck #jealousmuch #welovehimthough #controversialpost and #heworeasuit #facebook”

We can recall that Omotola was the first Nigerian celebrity to hit one million likes on Facebook I hope she gets to meet him over there.

The instagram post below….omotala1

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