Oba Compares Mike Adenuga To Obi Cubana’s Mothers Burial


According to Oba 0IaseniOladejo has explained why Billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga’s mother’s burial is still the measuring criteria for burials in Nigeria and Obi Cubana did not reach this criteria according to him Mike Adenuga did a lot of things for his late mother’s burial that it has scored its place as the most lavish funeral in the annals of history books in Nigeria.

He wrote:

 “No burial can match up to Mike Adenuga mother’s burial sha. First, they shared cows to every street in ljebu-igbo. I mean every street had one cow each. For a whole week, there was meat every where you stepped to in ljebu-igbo. On the day of the burial itself, there was asun stand for mo gbo mo ya, majorly 00U students inside Abusi Edumare. They packed trucks filled with cartons of beer. Trucks o. You take as much crates as you can. No restrictions to how many people can attend.”

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“Mike Adenuga built a cathedral, and a mission house in the compound where they buried his mum. His father died in the 80s, they went to dig the corpse and transferred it to the same compound where the mother was buried.

Gbenga Daniel tarred Oru/ljebu-igbo road and installed atreet lights for the burial. And they had different musicians performing each day for the whole week. KSA, Yinka Ayefele etc. I’ve not seen anything like that before. This was in 2005 or thereabout.”

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“Omo, we went home with crates of alcohol. Earlier in the week, they came to share cow parts for us at home as our share of the meat meant for the street. It was a total shut down for one week. Obasanjo and almost all the governors attended.

Madness. Madness that I can never forget. When Mike Adenuga’s daughter came to spray KSA on the field, you need to see her entourage. By entourage, I mean her friends that are following and shielding her. Padi mi, money is good in this life.

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They had like four or five different groups of people attending the party at the same time. The one inside the compound is for the president and governors. State legislators were on the field. Families camped elsewhere or the field. Different groups. Then there is the open one.

Allahu! And you can’t access the different groups if you don’t belong there despite all of them happening in the same place. Omo! That was a one time event in this life. Money was spent.”

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