NYSC couple tells encouraging story about their akara business in UI


NYSC couple, Agbogunleye Oluwaseun Ayomide and Olufemi Oluwatosin Oluwasanumi, shared their inspiring story of starting an akara business at the University of Ibadan during an interview with LegitNG.

Agbogunleye and his partner have been delighting hungry students and staff with their crispy, golden akara from their roadside shop, which has gained popularity on TikTok.

What many may not realize is that this dynamic duo honed their fast-food skills during their time as students at Ekiti State University.

During an exclusive interview with LegitNG, Agbogunleye explained how they transformed their passion into a successful business, impressing customers with their dedication and mouth-watering akara.

He said …

“Many are always amazed and impressed especially for the fact that we are corps members and we are selling akara.

So they pray and also encourage us to keep pushing.

As a matter of fact our akara has become the talk of the town all over UI since we started and people are referring one another to us and recommending our Akara because of its uniqueness and taste and also through the help of God.”

Agbogunleye mentioned that they are currently in the dating stage when questioned about their relationship status.

He also mentioned that they have been successful in selling a lot of akara from their business.

“Yes, the patronage is very awesome and encouraging by the grace of God. We do have a large number of customers in front of us every day and God has been faithful all the way,” he added.

Oluwatosun shared that the idea to start their akara business originated from their successful fast-food venture at school.

“The fact that we were selling fast foods like noodles and egg, bread and egg, etc in school before we left school was one of the things that motivated us and also through inspiration, we just sat down and thought of doing something like that, then, it came true,” she said.

Oluwatosin responded positively when the media outfit inquired about their plans to continue their akara business after their service year.

“Yes, we would love to continue even after our service year, because there’s no employment anywhere. We just have to create one for ourselves and can in return create for others too, because we can become employers of labour through that, thereby creating an employment opportunities for people,” she said.


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