#NobodyLikeWoman: Khafi Counters Joke Jigan’s Accusation of Challengers Lying with Proof


Reality TV star, Khafi, shares screenshot of a comment a lady left on her page asking if her son is Ugly,

Earlier some female Nigerian celebrities have been sharing monochrome photos of themselves with various inscriptions on social media for the past few days.

However, Joke Jigan has rubbished the challenge insinuating that some of the female celebrities participating in the trend are lying as they are posting what did not happen to them.

According to Joke Jigan, some of those jumping on the challenge gossip, backstab, wish others negative occurrence and peddle rumours, adding that most of these female celebrities do not even understand the trend.

Khafi countering Joke Jigan’s claims took to her instgram page to clarify and state that she wasn’t lying with evidence backing up her claims in the #NobodyLikeWoman challenge.

She wrote

For everyone who said I was lying or making up my previous post…

Women endure many unspeakable things and most times do so in silence. When they do share they get hit with labels like “attention seeker, liar” etc. We are so programmed to internalize hurt that when it is shared the hearer is more offended by the sharing than what actually happened. Regardless, I normally block and delete comments like this and keep it moving. But I’m guessing that is why @symplysimi started this challenge, because we shouldn’t have to. And if you feel offended by others sharing their truth, ask yourself why.

For Sharron who felt the need to say this, I pray no one says such about your children, born or unborn. My son is beautiful just like his Daddy and I hope my husband and I are able to raise our child in a way that he is so fortified in who he is in God that mean things like this don’t affect him, but not everyone is that fortunate. Wouldn’t it be easier if we were just nicer to each other? Every word shapes us, so I hope you’ll pick yours better in the future.

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