”Nobody wants to have s3x with me in the US”- Speedy Darlington spills why he prefers Nigeria to US

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Speedy Darlington, a musician known for his often outspoken views, recently stated his dissatisfaction with his s3x life in the United States.

In a honest video, he discussed his challenges with feeling less like a superstar in the United States versus Nigeria, emphasising the influence this has on his s3xuall experiences.

Darlington explained in Nigeria how his celebrity status benefits his s3xuall life. He stated that when he promotes his desire for s3xual meetings on social media in Nigeria, he quickly finds willing participants.

He claims that his reputation and renown in the country are directly tied to the ease with which he may meet s3xual partners.

In the United States, however, the situation is much different. Darlington remarked that despite putting identical posts in the United States, he receives no answers, leaving him feeling deprived of s3xual intimacy.

This difference between his experiences in Nigeria and the United States has left him frustrated and s3xually famished, as he frankly said in a recent video.

Speedy Darlington has made headlines before for his outspoken opinions.

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