“No Be Small Pikin of Yesterday Be That?”- Emmanuella Shocks Fans As She Drives Truck in Viral Video


Emmanuella Samuel, a teen comedian, has demonstrated that she is no longer the small girl most of her fans know.

She posted a video of herself driving a black truck on her Instagram page with no caption other than “Good morning, everyone.”

The young girl who had built a house for her mother appeared solemn as she took the wheel and drove away at high speed.

The girl who makes funny jokes and contents accompanied her social media post with a smiling emoji, and fans couldn’t help but comment on how she drove the big truck.

Reactions have followed the video of the comedian driving a black truck.

Here are some of the comments below.

@lasbonfx: “Na lie no be you drive the car. Oya prove me wrong.”

@dotkay2010: “She’s old enough to drive now. You are all very old .”

@wisdomm__w: “Small pikin of yesterday don Dey drive truck.”

@oluwafavoured_1: “Na u b sugar mummy fr ur school even ur teachers go like b ur sugar boys.”

@asmeeeyy___: “Omo and I still Dey struggle to sabi bicycle omooo.”

@kingsgoldcomedy: “Who put u inside trailer .”

@de_ice_man: “Omo big gel.”

@barristernatural: “Can you drive.”

@chama7419: “Am looking for a wife material to marry Emmanuella. I am in the US. Are you ready Emmanualla?”

@infinity_boss79: “So you wan even drive you no look for your size na truck wey wrestlers dey drive you go carry.”

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