“No Be Aunty Ramota Be This?”- Lady’s makeup stirs hilarious reactions, video trends


After a video of a Nigerian woman wearing a lot of makeup became viral online, the woman made a lot of people giggle on the internet.

She could be seen arranging her face in the footage while her cosmetics was applied.

She lost her original appearance due to the excessive amount of powder that was put on her face.

Her overly thick eyebrows and harsh eyebrow makeup gave her the appearance of well-known Nollywood actress and content producer Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota.

She removed the makeup artist’s blue garments after her appointment and flashed her own. With the exception of her outrageous makeup, she looked stunning in her ensemble paired with a “gele.”

View the woman’s makeup in the following video:

Numerous individuals have made comments on the lady’s excessive makeup. Check out some of their reactions below:

@ko_colate: “The make up artist is a designer.”

@nonnie_abraham: “I can imagine the amount of make up they had to put or this to be achieved. Pancake.”

@augusta_francis: “No b Aunty Ramota sis be this ?”

@officialannettewilliams: “Owllllllll.”

@iam.miz_naa: “Auntie Ramota look alike cus eiii .”

@anudaisi: “What the owl is going on?”

@jade_xola: “Who else noticed she looks like aunty Ramota. I come in peace.”

@the1707scent: “Aunty Ramota re ooo.”

@amikdees_fabrics: “Please, where is the nose?”

@it_xtra: “The make up is actually fine oohhh.”

@sweetpea18.9: “Noooooooooo what in the Owl is happening.”

@kash_fife: “Am I the only one seeing auntie Ramota.”

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