‘Diggers Association’ Unveils The Identity Of James Brown’s “Papito” Hours After He Shared A Masked Photo Of Him


Social media users have been set agog as ‘diggers association’ dig out photos of cross dresser James Brown‘s ‘Papito’ whom he claims is a billionaire.

This is coming after the male Barbie posted a video clip from his luxury date with ‘Papito’ on his Instagram page.

In the viral clip, the couple pulled up at the restaurant in a G-Wagon with Police escort, and they were the cynosure of all eyes.

The male Barbie further bragged that his new catch is a billionaire who can afford him any kind of luxury he deserves

He captioned it,

“Had a wonderful time with Papito the love my life on our last date. My papito say drop this video let them know you have someone that love you. Be proud to show off someone you love if he loves you too.”

James Brown also alleged that his new catch is a billionaire has been dragged to filth as Nigerians claimed he isn’t rich as acclaimed.

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