Nigerian Worker Abroad Reportedly Deported Immediately for Sending NSPPD to White Colleague


A Nigerian citizen living abroad has been deported for being too religious with a white colleague at work.

The incident was shared on the X app and quickly became popular among netizens.

Morris Monye, who shared the story, mentioned that the Nigerian citizen sent Streams of Joy’s NSPPD (New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration) to their white colleague.

As a result, their Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) was revoked and they were immediately sent back to Nigeria.

Morris commented, “You sent NSPDD to your white colleague then got your COS revoked for it and you get sent back to Nigeria. Loseguard.”

Nigerians expressed their opinions about this unfortunate incident in the comments section.

CsJay reacted: “A lady told me that she can’t stop sending the NSPDD link despite telling her to stop, she told me to block her instead. Can u imagine how Nigerians behave.”

ObongOwo said: “A friend was discussing boxing match with a colleague. Man jokingly told him they should stage their own fight and he’s going to win him. Three days later ward manager called my guy inside office say that nurse reported him that he was going to beat him up.”

Aniedi Akpan said: “NSPPD weh doctors and nurses dey refer their Cancer and people with terminal sicknesses to, a lot of testifiers got to know about it at the hospital in euro, uK and America, dey play.”


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