Nigerian man’s friend allegedly earns ₦1.2 million from Notcoin tapping


A Nigerian man and his friends have started tapping on Notcoin after one of them earned ₦1.2 million.

The man shared a post on social media showing his friends tapping on the app, hoping to make big money like their friend.

The caption of the video mentions the friend who made ₦1.2 million from Notcoin, prompting others to join in tapping.

The caption reads: “After my friend made ₦1.2 million from Notcoin.”

People reacted to the post by sharing their thoughts in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

Ahm S kenneth: “omo my tap swap no dey open since yesterday.”

Ralphdental clinic: “I made $10, 000 😁from notcoin, I’m glad I didn’t call it scam, that was how I ignored Bitcoin 2013 when you can mine for free then, ignorance made me poor back then but notcoin made me stand back.”

sölømóñ: “I fit carry person own go 1m within 2sec.’

smithbillionzz: “i don’t stress my self anymore since i am using Auto clicker.”

Ekele: “guy be sincere to me did people actually made money on notcoin.

Ab Christopher: “this mining don cast. but is it really paying?”

Chus Dwayne: “make una dey sharp the link 🔗 na why people stingy like this?”

Eric styles: “afa bro how do i start i downloaded the app i don tap tire he nor enter dollar.”

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