“N700 for N5k meat”- Nigerian Man Embarrassed after Watching Mum Price Meat at Market


A Nigerian guy has expressed his distress on social media after his mother compelled him to accompany her to the market.

The young man, known as @edward_ice, appeared helpless in the video as he followed his mother about to obtain what they needed.

He was seen in the video standing with his hands folded while his mother haggled pricing with a meat vendor who attended to her.

Being a dutiful son, Edward Ice had no option but to carry the black nylon bag containing the items they purchased at the market.

While releasing the video, Edward criticized his mother’s decision to take him to the market despite his status as a big boy.

The TikTok video stirred funny reactions from netizens who have once found themselves in a similar situation.


This thing no make sense 😑, make una judge this thing 💔💔😭😭 #fyp #viral #relatable #hotboy #markettiktok

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Laryea1376 said: “My mum after bad pricing, she now introduced me to the customers.”

Emmanuel Onyemaechi said: “Your own better. My mum dey prize jean for me. Seller go talk 15k my mama go kwechiri for 4k.

Fact/Figure/Business said: “Good mum, I love her. Exactly what I did for my song I bought an Iphone with mopping stick n bucket all wrapped for him in a big box as Bday gift.”

Esther Osinachi said: “And you will have to stand and watch her price #5000 meat for #700.”

Shêgñ said: “Any time I follow my mom to market back then, that’s when she will think 5k meat should be bought 700. At a point I cut eye for her and she said ma gba oju e.”

French Boris said: “Boy this kind situation Dey happen to all of us try to refuse going.”

@nana ama said: “My mum took my big brother to the market and made him carry meat on his head to the car. When my brother got there he just took his car and left.”

Peaceful said: “Am guessing you’re the last child, it will be worst when all her customers keep asking about her cute son.” *

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