My video got 1 million views but only 6 people helped me – Man who contracted HIV from tattooing Bobrisky’s face says

‘Stop calling my name, you didn’t contract HIV because of me” – Bobrisky replies man who contracted HIV from tattooing his face

A fan of popular crossdresser, Idris ‘Bobrisky’ Okuneye who said he contracted a deadly disease by drawing a tattoo, has cried out again.

The young man known as Lord Caster cried out for help, saying he suffers from a strange ailment as a result of complications from the tattoo of Bobrisky he drew on his arm.

He has yet again gone online to reveal that very few people offered to help him weeks after his video went viral.

Lord Caster lamented that his video got 1 million views but only six people helped him with donations.

The young man wondered why it was difficult for well-meaning individuals to offer his support and assistance.

According to the young man, he thought he was recovering because for sometime he was eating good food, but the situation seems to have worsened.

He made a fresh appeal to Nigerians to come to his aid because he has been abandoned.

It may be recalled that in March 2021, he tattooed the drag queen’s face on his arm as a show of love for Bob.

Fastforward to September 2022 and he has now emaciated as a result of a disease which he said he got from the machine used on his body.

In a viral video he appealed to Nigerians to help him ask Bobrisky for forgiveness for what he did.

The guy had switched sides at the time and joined the camp of Bobrisky’s rival, James Brown over failure to honour his promise.

He called out Bob for not giving him the money he said he would dole out when he acknowledged him for the tattoo.

But in the recent video, he said that all he needs was for the crossdresser to give him a second chance and help him.

The young man who looked really ill then burst into tears while making the appeal.