“My husband doesn’t know that his two kids actually belong to my ex” – Woman seeks help


A Ghanaian woman has sought advice over a case of paternity fraud and she wants to know how to save her marriage before it becomes a problem.

The lady revealed that the two children she made her husband believe are his kids actually don’t belong to him.

She shared her story with The SelShow, a counselling platform on Facebook, and confessed that she cheated on him several times with her ex-boyfriend who is the father of the children.

According to her, she has been married to her husband for eight years but she recently started having the feeling that he might find out the truth.

In her words; “I am married for the past 8 years with 2 beautiful children. My husband takes good care of the children and they are very close but unfortunately, he is taking care of someone’s children and this is known to only me and the father of the children.

“I met my husband when I broke up with him but just a year into our marriage, he started coming back and this was how we reconnected and I got pregnant for him but gave it to my husband, both the first and the second pregnancies.”

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