“My daughter was a virgin before the trip to Dubai”– Mother of ’10-year-old’ Chrisland Student Insists


The mother of the 10 years old Chrisland student who engaged in a viral sexual scandal has alleged that her daughter, was still a virgin before travelling to represent her school in Dubai.

It could be recalled that popular blogger and talent manager, Ubi Franklin alleged that the student was raped by her co-students during a ‘School competition trip’ in Dubai.

After the news was shared by the blogger, the sex tape went viral. People including celebrities who watched the video claimed that the girl was not raped as the act was consensual between the two.

Some also claimed that the girl looks like a Pro in the act.

However, the mother is also insisting that her daughter was r*ped.

My daughter was a virgin before the trip to Dubai – Mother of 10-year-old Chrisland Student Insists

“My daughter was a virgin before she travelled to Dubai to represent their school. Justice for my daughter” She said

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