“My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith” – Tonto Dikeh

"My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith" - Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh, a Nigerian actress and politician, has expressed her deep admiration for Muslims and their commitment to their faith.

Tonto has grown to appreciate the Islamic religion as a result of living near a mosque. In a recent social media post, she described waking up every day for four years to the soothing sound of Islam’s first call to prayer, the Athan, chanted by a muezzin.

Tonto described how this melodious tune has reinforced her love for God and deepened her devotion.

The actress emphasized the wonderful influence Athan has had on her life and requested suggestions on unique ways to support a mosque beyond financial donations.

Tonto also prayed for all Muslims and expressed her wish to better understand their faith.

“GOD/ALLAH IS LOVE… I’m deeply touched……(My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith) Their dedication and intentionality(if there is a word like this) is worthy of emulation..(I feel like going over to the mosque now to ask why they didn’t pray today?”


Reacting to the post..

@christabel.obianuju: “Good morning King T your heart is pure may heaven shower you with long life in good health and prosperity Amen.”

@officialnilequeen_hiba: “King Tonto.. I am happy u r touched …the sound is actually amazing .if you don’t mind I can tell you more about it and answer some of ur questions. Love u loads.you can help them build a bore hole or dig a well too.”

@oyinespecial: “Awesome even we the Muslim that sound is always a great reminder for us each time we hear it…. What u can donates Quran, kettles, prayer mats, speakers or dig borehole in location where there is no water. God bless you.”

@ahlam_bakhoor_fragrances: “You have a Pure Beautiful Heart, I pray you’re More Blessed. You can buy them Generator, or Fuel for a certain time, Fan, AC, Carpets. Or send them Food.”

@nkoyo_01: “One thing thrills me about this faith..that commitment to prayers.”

@iam_____golden: “Same here, every morning the sound wakes me up. And it’s gives me more reasons to open my Bible and pray as they are praying.”

In other news, Bisola Aiyeola, a Nollywood actress and media personality, has continued to discuss parenting and her experience as a single mother.

On her most recent appearance on Mums Next Door, the mother of one spoke up about certain aspects of motherhood she hasn’t enjoyed and why.

Bisola Aiyeola, who said on the same show that her daughter will not have a phone until she becomes 16, said she enjoys motherhood, but three elements make it difficult for her.

She discussed the overwhelming nature, physical changes, and the sacrifices that come with having children. In her words:

“Have I always enjoyed motherhood? No. I have not always enjoyed motherhood. There are moments I enjoy so it’s a yes and no answer. But it is overwhelming. Managing her, work, her own emotions, and there are certain conversations that we have when I look at her and I’m like honey, why do you have to please everybody? You can’t. You should stand your ground. Say no. It’s okay to say no.

There was a time when there was a competition in her school and her team didn’t get picked, and she was really upset.

She is so passionate about school work that if any of her teammates or classmates are not on the same page with her, she starts crying and some people are like “I don’t want to work with Laila, Laila’s own is too much.” I had to tell her that honey look, you need to be able to strike a balance. So managing those emotions can be overwhelming.”

On physical changes and how it has affected her, Bisola continued:

“I was a lot younger when I had Laila, I’m much older now. Life has changed. My body is not the same. I have issues with my back, and those issues started after I had Laila. It was from my pregnancy and childbirth that I started having those issues.”

Speaking about how she’s had to make sacrifices and put some of her own desires on hold because of her 15 year old daughter, Bisola said:

“I have put several desires on hold because of motherhood, some I will not go into. But mostly, sometimes work. There are certain roles that have come my way that I’m like if I do this, my daughter’s friends follow me. She literally sends me emails that her friends have sent to her of screenshots of some things that I’ve posted on social media. She’s pretty tough but I still don’t want to put her in any situation that would make her feel like why did my mum do this? So I have to consider her emotions.”


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