Movie Producers Didn’t Think I Would Go Far in Nollywood – Rachea,l Okonkwo Spills


Popular Nigerian actress, Rachael Okonkwo has talked about her early days in the movie industry.

She said some producers did not believe she had a chance on the big screen but she proved them wrong.

According to Rachael, she was turned down multiple times by filmmakers during auditions.

“Growing up as a young girl, with a far-reaching ambition, in an environment where there were little or no legacies or greatness to take after, I learned from an early age to draw strength from within.

“When I chose to pursue my dream as a movie star, not many producers believe I had a chance on the big screens.

the journey to the ultimate goal didn’t come easy, there have been numerous days I turned up, did everything right but was turned down nevertheless but that didn’t stop me.

 The next day I still heat the audition ground like there was no discouragement. Today I live my dream as my everyday reality,she wrote in parts.

Rachael started her career as a backup dancer for gospel singers like Gozie Okeke, Njideka Okeke and Paul Nwokocha before venturing into acting.

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