“Money Can Buy My Love”– Actress, Lizzy Jay Proudly Admits Being A Gold Digger


Actress, Adeyela Adebola, also known as Lizzy Jay has tagged herself a gold digger while revealing the relationship between money and love in our present epoch.

Taking to her Instagram story, Lizzy Jay said that she has her own money but prefers gold-digging. In her words, it’s prudent to keep her own money and go about spending the money of whoever is willing to cross her path with anything amorous.

She wrote; “To whom it my concern,… MONEY CAN BUY MY LOVE.

I have my own money but I am a gold digger, I want to invest my own money and spend yours baby.”

Meanwhile Sensational singer, Davido Adeleke, faced a challenging situation when a baby pangolin was placed on his shoulder during a campaign for wild animals.

During an event organized by a non-profit organization against animal extinction, Wild Aid, the singer who is the front of the event had to demonstrate love for animals by holding one.

A baby pangolin was placed on Davido’s shoulders, unfortunately, the singer chickened out by letting out a scream for help to have the animal taken off.

Also at the event was the popular skit maker, Emmanuella, who alongside others laughed at Davido for not being able to keep it together.

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