Moment Liquorose is officaially being ‘welcomed back to the streets’ by Tacha following Emmanuel’s betrayal [Video]


Reality TV star, Tacha Akide, and her colleague, Liquorose Afije, melts heart as they link up for the first time in a while.

This comes days after Tacha expressed her warm regards to the runner-up of the 2021 BBNaija show following a tough breakup.

The video shared by businesswoman, Mimi Linda, on her Instagram, Tacha, and Liquorose exchanged a long hug while the camera rolled.

“Awwww this video made me smile 😊 Caught of Guard 🤩I just had to quickly catch this moments 🙏🏾Chronicles of my Sunday(My BABIES) only a few people like this beautiful humans can pull me out of bed 🛌 today that I was so tired and exhausted 😴 and my whole staffs unavailable to help 😴

liquoroseI just can’t say No when they call no matter how much I say no picking of calls today 😂😊#it felt so good to see them express love and support for each other 💯it actually made my day #women supporting women 🚀# @liquorose Is the Original big baby 🌹🌹🌹,” Mimi wrote while sharing the video.

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