Moment lady stands motionless for 30 minutes after spotting boyfriend kissing side chic in car


A video of a lady standing in astonishment for 30 minutes, unable to move after seeing her partner in a risky position with another woman, has sparked outrage online.

The sad scene, which has since gone viral on TikTok, shows the heartbroken lady standing motionless on the street.

The incident apparently occurred when the anonymous lady, unexpectedly found her boyfriend locked in a kiss with another lady inside a car.

According to the video’s caption, the lady was left speechless and unmoving on the road for about 30 minutes, trying  to process the shocking sight.

“She saw her boyfriend in a car with another lady kissing. Men will disgrace someone. She almost cried while standing. She stood there for 30 minutes. She was about to cry,” the video caption read.

This sad scene has sparked a wave of reactions from netizens on TikTok.

Netizens Reactions…

@Cedipound~dollar said: “Kissing in public then he doesn’t love you.”

@Darryl.finer wrote: “By this time kraaa the things she’s holding she went out to buy them for the man.”

@Eudora said: “Men will leave in the desert without water trust them at your own risk.”

@Her Father’s daughter wrote: “She still maintained her steeze opor.”

@Gifty Reece said: “What men cannot do do not exist. That is why some of usually pay them back with their own coin.”

@oyinda said: “Abeg carry the food wey u cook for am go back home. The guy no deserve am.”

@Omalicha AB said: “These men don’t understand how this cheating hurts.”

@MRS H added: “My own ex wey send me pics of him and a lady kissing nko.”

See video;


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