Moment Fan warns Veekee James, reveals dangers of excessive marriage PDA


Veekee James, a famous designer, received sincere advice from a worried fan who expressed concerns about her excessive public display of affection (PDA) in her marriage.

The fan, known as @geraldine_nwankwo on TikTok, shared a video showcasing affectionate moments from Veekee James’ married life.

The fan observed that Veekee James seems to be putting in more effort for her husband than he does for her, despite their relatively new marriage.

Drawing from her own 11 years of marital experience, the fan emphasized that marriage requires more than just excessive PDAs.

It necessitates strategic knowledge to navigate challenging situations and avoid getting stuck.

“This is one of the reasons a lot of you fake it till they kpai in marriage. I’m not against PDA but ever since Veekee James got married, she has been in the news, doing too much in my opinion. This is why many ladies remain in a marriage that is no longer favourable to them because by the time you do all of these, and the marriage hits, you won’t be able to tell friends about it,” she said partly in a long video.

Watch the video below …


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