Moment bouncer ‘bounces out’ big girl for picking money at nightclub


The young woman experienced humiliation when she was ejected from a nightclub for allegedly picking up money from the floor.

Reports indicate that the woman had visited a nightclub where picking up money was against the rules, and she had to face the repercussions when she was caught in the act.

A video circulating online captured the moment when the bouncer escorted the woman out of the establishment.

Upon reaching the exit, he forcefully pushed her out and shut the door behind her.

Online comments from viewers expressed various opinions on the incident.

@peacechukwunenye7 said: “why not just tell let to leave instead of picking her up like that”

@user5842743870688 said: “na Wizkid fan be that.. na so Dem dey behave 😂”

@Noble said: “who video my babe? 😞”

@goodnessnmesoma90 said: “Nah to go change clothes come back 😂😂”

@Nailed_by.edith said: “Abeg which club be this make I avoid am 😂😭 make them no embarrass me 😂”

Watch the video below:

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