Mercy Johnson Warns Fans About Celebrities With Online Agenda And Backyard Campaign

“I have battled my storms in smiles” -Mercy Johnson reflects on her humble beginnings

Popular Nigerian Actress Mercy Johnson has urged all Nigerians to arm themselves with their PVCs following gruesome attack at St Francis Catholic Church in Ondo state.

It can be recalled that gunmen had stormed the church on Sunday and killed over 50 worshipers, while several others sustained gunshot injuries.

In a recent post shared on her Instagram page, Mercy Johnson called out public figures ranting and mourning the death of Ondo church members yet betraying Nigerians with “Backyard campaign”.

The Actress opined that Nigerians must not sit on the fence but must participate actively in the nation’s electoral process by getting their PVCs.

She wrote;

“You still have till 30th June to get your PVC. Add your input to the change you wish to see. Nor be laffing is enough. People will come online and rant, just so you feel they are with you but na online agenda be that. Backyard campaign plenty.. You have a right to vote, use it wisely…No be by fight…thať’s my 10kobo opinion.. Love and Light. #iscream#”

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