“Mercy Johnson is my biological sister” – Ghanaian lady cries out with evidence [Video]


A woman from Ghana who claims to be Mercy Johnson’s younger sister has appealed to her online with alleged photo evidence.

The unidentified woman claimed to be Mercy Johnson’s fourth sister from a different father in a video that has been making the rounds on various social media platforms.

The woman and her mother were reportedly guests on a stage where she grieved her plight to the anchor translating in her own tongue.

The family have been searching for Mercy Johnson and Daniel Johnson, according to the anchor who clarified what the woman had said, as they had lost contact with them.

They requested Mercy Johnson to meet with the family, who had been grieving due to their long absence.

Photos which were held by Mercy Johnson’s alleged sister appear to be ones which were supposedly taken during childhood.

See some of the reactions culled from netizens below:

official_sarat2: See the reporter mouth😂 no be only famry 😂 na camry 😂 ole oshi 😂

😂😂😂missing who? Is Mercy Johnson missing?

sayojone: Looking for her to do what

missy.o; Wetin make she kan do

They resemble self .. yes oo e fit b true Shay

The famry the entire famury are seriously looking for you” please dkm

ON KOLOS ON KOLOS … it’s the “entire famry” for me .

educatedmarlians: Make i continue with my loud , na who get money then Dey claim 😂😂

earthstrongmobi: Oh Charly the woman make serious oh (in GH pigin) 😂😂😂

😂😂😂😂 sooner or later Ghanaians go soon claim naija as their own country sef😂😂

We have to seriousRI inform Mercy Johnson about this update o, famiRI is everything please 😂😂😂

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