“Mercy Eke is a part of my journey and I respect and care for her”-BBNaija’s Ike makes a U-turn


Reality TV star, Ike Onyema has set the record straight about a shady post which many assumed was targeted at his ex, Mercy Eke.

Recall that on Thursday, April 22 that Ike Onyema had subtly thrown a shade at Mercy Eke.

In a video that surfaced online, Ike Onyema had expressed his love for girls with natural backsides, and netizens considered it a shade to Mercy Eke, who had undergone butt surgery.

In another shading post targeted at her, Ike Onyema revealed that he tried changing a ‘hoe’ into housewife which he couldn’t.

As always, many assume that he was targeting his Mercy Eke and the reality star was mercilessly dragged.

Following the backlash, the singer took to his Instagram story to clear the air on his post

Ike Onyema informed the public that he still respects and cares for Mercy Eke, hence the reason he can’t shade her.

He also reminded the public that the BBN winner is still mourning the death of her father, which is another reason he can’t target her.

He clarified that his TikTok video was not a shady post as Mercy Eke still remains part of his journey.

“Hey! I usually won’t say anything regarding assumptions and speculations around my post, but I think it’s high time I address this issue, especially if someone I respect and care for is being mentioned knowing fully well she’s going through a loss. My post/TikTok wasn’t in anyway to shade anyone. She was a part of my journey. We’ve both moved on and are happy. Moving forward I hope my post do not seem like a subliminal shade. Thank you”.

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