“Men Who Lie About Their Marital Status Should Be Punished By the Law — Ifu Ennada Blows Hot

Ifu Ennada Advises Ladies on Perfect Valentine Gift

Reality TV star Ifu Ennada has spoken about her frustration and dislike for married men who lie about their marital status to single ladies.

She came with her ‘full chest’ on social media to call out those men who tell lies to ladies about their marital status in other to ‘date and deceive’ them.

The actress took to her Instagram story as she made it known that there should be a jail term for those set of married men.

According to the star, those young ladies who fall victim to their scams get destabilized with their mental health and should be compensated for the troubles.

“Men who lie about their marital status to date and deceive a girl should be considered as criminals and punished by the law,”

”Their victims should be financially compensated for their troubles and destabilized mental health. Whether male or female, lying about your marital status should be considered a criminal offense with befitting punishment.” She wrote.

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