Meet the Luckiest Man on Earth That Won $1 Million Weeks after Surviving A Plane Crash

plane crash
Crash at Dubai Airport

mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar is definitely one of the luckiest people on earth because after he survived a brutal plane crash, six days later he won $1 million.

Mohammad Abdul Khadar is Indian, but has lived in Dubai for 37years. He survived a crash landing at Dubai airport last Wednesday, when his plane; a Boeing 777 caught fire as it made to land.


lottery winner
mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar

All 300 people on board were evacuated from the plane unharmed. And only six days later, the 62-year-old grand dad discovered the lottery ticket he’d bought on the way to spend holidays in India was now worth a whopping $1m.

Amazing, right? Meanwhile, here’s what the twice lucky granddad has to say as to what he intends to do with the lottery money:

“I clearly need to help the kids in Kerala who are less blessed than others and need some budgetary help and medicinal backing.

“I would prefer not to offer it to philanthropy or manufacture a business, I need to go out and discover individuals who truly require help and give them cash.


“I was poor, and I comprehend what individual’s experience.”

Reports say that Khadar bought lottery tickets regularly, on his way to visit family in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Well, this year ticket number 845 in the “Millenium Millionaire” draw at the airport’s Dubai Duty Free proved to be his winning shot.

He says he lives a simple life, and now that it’s time for him to retire, he feels like God gave him a second life upon survivor the plane crash. In addition, he feels God blessed him with the money to do good deeds for others.

Khadar is married with two children; one of whom has been paralysed since an accidental fall in infancy.