“May Edochie Is Like A Dog That Has Been Let Loose From Her Cage” – Sonia Ogiri Take a Swipe at Yul Edochie


Controversial actress, Sonia Ogiri has thrown a shade at her senior colleague, Yul Edochie as she dishes advice to married men.

Taking to her Insta story, the actress told them that the only reason their wives tolerate their waywardness is that they’re married to them and because of their kids.

She added that without these two, they would have dealt with them.

Sonia Ogiri went on to slam Yul Edochie, stating that many men out there are going to value his first wife, May whom he failed to protect.

In her words;

“Dear married men, your wives are just keeping it cool cause they’re married to you and their kids not like is over for them. They see things especially on social media, they might sometimes get tempted by the secrets.

They flashy lifestyle everywhere. They have feelings too, they’ve friends, classmates, cousins etc flaunting good lifestyle on their faces. Don’t tink they don’t know what’s up or can’t do what’s up.


Just take a look at May Edochie now. See all the qualities she’s got hidden in marriage. Look at her after 4 kids? A simple and quiet woman. Oga too many men out there gonna value what you couldn’t protect.Is jus like a situation of a dog who has just been let loose from its cage. She’s happy and i pray she finds more happiness. Every woman get am for body, no be mumuness na just respect”

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