Man Nearly Pay with His Life after He Was Caught Bunking another Man’s Wife [Video]

Man Nearly Pay with His Life after He Was Caught Bunking another Man’s Wife [Video]

A video is currently trending on social media that captures the moment a young man escaped the wrath of a married man after he was nearly caught sleeping with his wife.

In the video, the young man upon realizing his mistress’s husband is back home from work tried to escape by jumping the balcony since all exits of the house were close and he could be caught easily if he tries using the main front door.

With the aid of his mistress, he managed to jump the balcony but almost broke his legs due to the long height. However, he was able to land successfully without any injury and quickly run out of the house before he was seen by his mistress’s husband.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a young Nigerian man has been apprehended by the police in Oyo State after he was filmed brutalizing his girlfriend at a mall in the Ibadan area of the state.

According to reports, the young man was said to have reached out to his girlfriend on phone severally but she refused to pick up his calls, leading him to storm the shopping mall to unleash his wrath on her.

The victim after the assault stated that she was unable to answer her boyfriend’s phone calls because she was chilling and clubbing with her friends. She added that this was not the first time the young man has descended on her for her flaws.

A video trending on social media captures the moments some people at the mall heavily descended on the young man for subjecting his girlfriend to such assault for reasons they believe were unnecessary.

The victim, however, was also spotted with wounds on some parts of her body as she was being treated by some onlookers at the shopping mall.

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