Man Caught On Video S*xually Assaulting Ghanaian Singer, Ebony’s Corpse in Mortuary


More Photos from The Fatal Accident Killed Ghanaian Dancehall Artist, Ebony Reigns Man Caught On Video S*xually Assaulting Ghanaian Singer, Ebony’s Corpse in Mortuary

The video shows a man in the morgue standing over the two corpses of Ebony and Franky Kuri. Both are n*ked and the video shows the man fondling the bodies whilst he talks to some companions off camera.


As to why they would do what they’re doing is already disturbing, but that they even took videos of the episode makes things 100 times worse.


We can’t show the video (obviously) but honestly this is disgusting and those involved must really be punished.

The mortuary man who was captured fondling corpses of Ebony and her partner

The said mortuary man with a tribal mark on his left cheek was seen holding the head of Franky Kuri while staring at her concurrently.


“Unbelievable! Life is too short,” he said and left hold of the head.


“I have taken footage of it. If I see it on social media, I will hold you responsible because I won’t share it,” another person is heard as saying.


Moments after that, the same man was captured fondling Ebony’s corpse until the one taking footage asked him to take off his hands just so he films his preferred part.


The development has generated controversies as the public cannot fathom why professionals of a medical facility could manhandle dead bodies and boldly film the despicable activity.

Meanwhile, Ebony’s father and her management have threatened to take legal actions against Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary.


Ebony met her untimely death, on Thursday, February 8, when the jeep she was traveling in, slammed into an oncoming VIP bus. The accident, which happened on the Kumasi – Sunyani road, also led to the death of a military officer identified as Francis Atsu Vondee and a female acquaintance identified only as Frankie, who were also on board the Jeep.


The final funeral rite of the late dancehall act is slated for March 17, 2018 while Franky Kuri’s is on March 3. Airman Lance Corporal Francis Atsu Vondee will be buried on March 23.

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