Man boldly confronts mother-in-law as wife demands N100k to make her hair


A Nigerian man got angry and confronted his mother-in-law when his wife asked for N100k to get her hair done.

The list contained a variety of items, including cartons of soft drinks and packs of cigarettes.

He posted a screenshot of their conversation on his Twitter account, @numberonetweep.

After his wife made the expensive request, he messaged her mother to express his dissatisfaction.

When the mother-in-law expressed surprise at the cost, the man asked if she wasn’t the one who raised her.

Some reactions to the post here

@Zee_nab123 stated: “Seems like he married into a family with expensive taste. But confronting the mother-in-law? That’s a bold move that could either end in resolution or a family feud.”

@MissyDumelo asked: “Who talks to his mother in law like this 🤔 men of these days”

@badinflu3nc3_ commented: “Didn’t he observe her character before marrying her. Why he carry the matter go outside?”

@Onlineguru_ advised: “Just send her 2k to go cut the hair”

@i_jandor said: “Women of nowadays! This is too much.”

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