Man allegedly receives hot ‘breakfast’ from girlfriend days after celebrating anniversary with romantic photos


Four days after their anniversary, a man leaked an unexpected note from the love of his life.

The young man was disappointed when his beloved queen served him breakfast only four days after their anniversary.

Sharing a screenshot, the man identified as @frankiemindset on Twitter, said: “We thank God for life. Back to the street ooh! And also please never forgive a cheating partner, you may get punished.”

The message read; “I won’t want u to keep wasting ur time and energy on me, so let’s just forget about everything. I have forgotten about everything, so should you. I just feel like I need to find myself first. I’ve lost myself in this relationship, and I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to be. I need some time and personal space. Sorry for hurting you. See you on the other side. Bye.”

Just four days to the breakup, the man had joyfully celebrated their relationship anniversary on September 1st, expressing his hopes for their continued love, honesty, and peace.

He first shared a picture of himself and his girlfriend on July 30, 2022, captioning it, “After 2 years of staying single, God blessed me with a queen. I hope I don’t end up singing Burna’s song sha.”

See his tweet below:

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