Loved ones and Colleagues Avoided Me – Hanks Anuku Shares Heartbroken Ordeal in New Interview

“He really helped me get myself”- Actor Hanks Anuku shares rare family photo, praises his son

Veteran Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku has revealed a heartbreaking story of how, in his lowest point, he was abandoned by his family and friends and ruthlessly stigmatised by the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Gistlover had previously revealed that Hanks Anuku was seen wandering the streets in torn clothing in viral footage.

Fans and colleagues in the entertainment world responded strongly to these clips. Singer and content creator Nasboi was among those who voiced concerns that the adored film legend was going through a mental collapse.

Hanks Anuku recently spoke with Lucky Udu, a depression advocate, about how false claims that he was a serious drug user and was losing his mind—which were started by a video of him wandering the streets—had a significant negative impact on his life.

According to Hanks Anuku, the videos he posted of himself pacing the streets were actually him getting ready for a role in a movie in which he played as a mad man.

He vehemently criticized those who filmed him without understanding the context, accusing them of irresponsibly spreading false speculations that severely damaged his reputation.

Hanks described how, despite his earnest assurances that there was nothing wrong with him, his own family—including his twin brother and wife—selected to accept the harmful rumours of drug addiction.

Anuku claimed that their choice to put themselves apart left him feeling incredibly alone and hopeless.

To make matters worse, Anuku described how the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) stigmatised him and how his fellow actors in the film industry unexpectedly stopped communicating and offering him jobs.

He acknowledged that despite the tremendous obstacles, his fortitude and unshakable faith in God enabled him to get through the worst times.

Now, he finds solace in the gradual return to his former self, slowly but surely regaining his footing in both his personal and professional life.



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