Lord Lamba f!ghts dirty with troll after claiming he made his first million at 18


Lord Lamba, a well-known content creator, addressed a critic who challenged him after he shared that he achieved his first million at the young age of 18.

Instagram comedian and popular Skit maker, Lord Lamba acquires fourth Mercedes Benz

Lord Lamba, who recently missed a court appearance related to a child custody dispute with his ex-partner Queen, took to the social media platform X to disclose that he reached millionaire status at 18.

Accompanied by a picture of himself in his lavish Rolls Royce, he captioned the post: “I made my first million at the age 18 🙂 what about u”

A commenter in the thread accused the content creator of being deceitful and claimed that they were not impressed by his success story.

The troll, @Silva_ojonimi wrote: “I no de do Fhraud like you. No pressure me Gerrrrout”

Lord Lamba replied: “Instead make you ask for update you Dey talk trash”

Check out other reactions from netizens

Adedeji Adam stated: “Dey play lamba with fake lifestyle”

JANE said: “You won’t go and take of your child…. Oh I forgot, another did the needful. You got no child for now”

Lion wrote: “This guy dey calm down, no dey pressurize us jare 😒”

ugo_himself wrote: “Your name is lamba how do you expect us to take you serious”

Cheerful said: “Good for you but we don’t really care”

Abdul asked: “The time wey u dey squat for Dolarz house, how old you dey then?? Una go just Dey lie for internet anyhow 🙄🌚”


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