Lizzy Anjorin shares accounts of what transpired at Eko market

  • Lizzy Anjorin shared her account of transferring N91,000 she paid for clothing accessories from Idumota Market to the seller’s account after contacting her husband.
  • The actor initially denied receiving the money from the store owner, but later admitted to it.
  • The businessman informed her that the money she had sent for her previous transaction had not been received.

In a video, Lizzy Anjorin gave her account of the events, stating that she had spoken with her husband about transferring the N91,000 she had paid for clothes accessories from the company in Idumota Market to the seller’s banking account.

The business owner first denied getting the money when the famous actor asked him whether he had, but later on, he admitted to having received it.

However, the businessman approached her when she recently returned to the store to let her know that the money she had sent for her prior purchase had not been received.

The actress said that, while they tried to find out what went wrong at the bank, she called her husband right away to ask him to transfer an additional N100,000 to the businessman’s account.

Before Lizzy Anjorin knew it, the man had collected a group of people and was yanking her headscarf off and threatening her.

She also provided evidence of her chat and the receipt for the debit alert, highlighting the fact that everyone involved—aside from the man—is currently being held by the authorities.

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