“Liposuction has really boosted my self-esteem, more toasters and suitors are coming my way”– Zainab Bakare

'I’m Not Ashamed Of Getting A Butt Lift" — Actress, Zainab Bakare

Nollywood actress, Zainab Bakare has said she gained more self confidence and esteem since she got a butt lift, which is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the buttocks.

In an interview she said, “Liposuction has really boosted my self-esteem. Oh yes. It did on a 100 percent. So far, no regrets going under the knife. I feel nobody will beat me for saying the truth. Why should I hide? I don’t have to hide because I am not living my life for people. My man gave me the nods to go ahead with the procedure. Now, that I have a near perfect body more toasters and suitors are coming my way. I have been rejecting them. If you are irresponsible I can’t stan you! I detest a talkative and a proud man. In every situation you find yourself, you try manage well. So, I tend to manage myself with the whole situation.”

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