Life Can Crash and Disappoint But A Relationship with God Can’t Crash – Reno Omokri Preaches


Nigeian life coach cum actor Reno Omokri has taken to social media to dish out a word of advice to his fans concerning the things they should rely on in this world.

Recall that social media giants Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram came to a grinding halt after they encountered some difficulties that caused them to go offline.

According to the former presidential aide, nobody should put their trust in people and things made by men as it has the inherent ability to disappoint when they are needed the most. He instead advised his fans to always rely on God who never changes or ceases to have the back of his children.

He wrote: WhatsApp can crash

Facebook can crash

Instagram can crash

YouTube can crash

Twitter can crash

Snapchat can crash

TikTok can crash

The stock market can

Governments can crash

Marriages can crash

Friendships can crash

Only a relationship with God cannot crash. so don’t put your trust in any human or any human institution or creation. Put your trust in God alone.