“Lies are over!”- Korra Obidi ex-husband Justin Dean sternly warns her of possible jail time


Justin Dean, a well-known figure in the media, has issued a stern warning to his ex-wife, Korra Obidi, regarding the potential consequences she may face if she continues to spread false information.

Taking to his Instagram page, the popular chiropractor made it clear that he is not willing to tolerate her deceit any longer.

This warning comes in response to a recent interview in which Korra discussed her newfound success as a single woman.

Justin Dean firmly stated that her lies will no longer be tolerated, and he is prepared to take legal action against her.

He emphasized that if she persists in spreading falsehoods, she may face a restraining order and even potential jail time.

In an effort to restore peace, Justin Dean declared that the era of terror is now over and it is time for harmony to prevail.

His words …

“Lies are over! Restraining order and jail time possible if my ex speaks more lies. The reign of terror is over. Let peace reign”

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