“Let us normalize being submissive” – Kiitan Bukola reveals why a woman should be submissive in marriage


Actress Kiitan Bukola has disclosed why a woman is expected to be submissive and respective in marriage or any relationship.

The budding actress made this revelation on her Snapchat, highlighting several reasons a lady needs to be submissive.

Kiitan Bukola stressed the importance of a man as the head of the family and the fact that it takes a long process for a man to age, unlike women who age quickly.

Kiitan Bukola further urged women to humble themselves before their husbands or partner in a relationship. She claimed social media has made women think that they have equal rights with men, which is wrong.

She wrote: Dear ladies wether we like it or not.. a man is the head of the family.. let us normalize being submissive & respectful. U see this S.M ehn.. it will make u think we hv equal right with them but in actual sense. Na dem be d boss oo.. No matter how beautiful, hot, sexy u are. Wen u reach 50yrs max. U go retire.. beauty go fade. But a man at 50 years can conviniently marry a 16/18 years old.. if u use their eyes see shege now.. remember a time will come when market go finish inside ur shop oo… table don turn be dat.. especially if dey com get money join… ti e ti taah

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