Let People Know the Source of Your Pregnancy When Sharing Conception Testimonies’- Comedian Twyse


Popular US comedian Twyse has dropped his two cents on conception and childbirth problems in marriages on social media.

In a recent post on his Instagram story, Twyse urged those who share testimonies about conception not to forget to add how it actually came about as in some cases it is done through IVF, IUI, and Surrogacy etc.

According to him, others knowing these interventions helps limit their frustration and he also pointed to the fact that sometimes childlessness in relationships or marriages is due to male infertility. He admonished that people get these things checked and reduce the hypocrisy.

His view on this topic was heavily supported by some Instagram users and they alluded that sometimes, the woman is blamed wrongly when there is no pregnancy in marriage.

See his post below;

Reacting to his post, @unkleayo wrote; “In most religious settings, testimony time is oppression time. Lol… Very small part is about giving Glory back to God, to a lot of people, it is “you don see am? I don get wetin you no get” Hypocrisy on steroids”.

@wetheloveredones wrote; “In Africa, the source of a couple’s childlessness is always thought to be the woman. That’s why a couple would be struggling years for a child, yet when an announcement is made in the church like, “if you are looking for the fruits of the womb, come out”, only women file out to the alter. I don’t know if the men are ashamed to acknowledge that they’re searching for a child or trying for a baby”.

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