Leaked Tape: ‘Some People Will Be Happy When I Am Dead’ – Tiwa Savage Shares Scary Post

Leaked Tape: ‘Some People Will Be Happy When I Am Dead’ – Tiwa Savage Shares Scary Post

It appears popular Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage is going through a hard time and a depressing moment as she has gotten a lot of her fans talking due to her new post on social media.

In a recent post shared on the story of the artist, she stated that she knows some people will be excited to hear that she is dead. This post from Tiwa has gotten many people concerned. Some are of the opinion that she is going through depression while others have also concluded that she is now reacting to all her problems.

“I was sad at the passing of my dad and 44 but at least they are no longer in this cruel place. Some people will be happy when I am no more,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Tiwa Savage has been trending in on social media for a few days after her sxx tape was leaked on Snapchat. The video was then shared on Twitter and went viral in a few minutes. A lot of people slammed Tiwa for recording herself while being intimate with her boyfriend while others also hailed her.

A few days after her sex tapes leaked, Tiwa Savage lost an endorsement from four companies; Glo, Pampers, Cardburry, and another product. It appears that Tiwa Savage is having a hard time as she pens down scary messages.


  1. Tiwa humans are horrible creatures, d earlier you know that the better for you, in as much as am not impressed with the scandal trailing you you had better not kill yourself because it will not even touch or command any kind of pity from humans either, my pure advice to you is for you to humble yourself before God Almighty plead for his mercy and forgiveness and allow christ Jesus to be the Lord of your life.jesus will make you new.jesus will forgive and accept you back to him if he should see a sincere remorse in your heart,face Jesus christ, and live the pleasures of this world with the humans inclusive who can judge you without fear even till u’re buried at death. Pls don’t kill yourself that will be a worse sin.the Jesus that delivered and set so many sinners free and making dm a whole new creature in christ Jesus is awaiting you with open arms.remain blessed ,rhoda

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