Lady’s 10-Year Transformation Causes Stirs Online


When the lady reveals how she changed from being a reverend sister ten years ago, heads turn.

The lady shared a photo of herself from a decade ago, when she was still a reverend sister at the convent.

She may be seen wearing the nun’s uniform and looked immaculate.

Other images of her recent self showed how she had changed into secular clothing.

She did not explain why she decided to abandon her dream to be a reverend nun.

Read comments below:

@wealth said: “i don read her reply to people,its really a zero bad attitude for a woman who left the parish..😕”

@Tiktok Ambassador wrote: “She was dismissed because she hade a secret boyfriend as a priest. unfortunately she was cut knacking with a priest. welcome to bad life my sister, streets are cold ooh😳”

@user8121004031582 wrote: “prik don carry you comot 😂😂, e good o instead of using vibrating u better run o😂”

@phillbriht said: “people are happy changing from bad to good and you are happy you are changing from good to bad. good work”

@Ozonnamani said: “Why did you leave the convent ?”

@Chief Omenife Mmiri Malu Ugo said: “You actually took the best decision 💗”

Watch the video below;


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