Lady shares final voice note of close friend as he passes away from dog bite


A Nigerian woman warned others to avoid dogs after her friend passed away from a dog bite. She posted his final voice message on social media, along with a video where she talked about the severity of dog bites.

Additionally, she uploaded a photo of her deceased friend and his last WhatsApp voice message from the hospital.

In the message, he expressed his love for his family, hinting that it might be his final communication with them.

This tragic incident gained a lot of attention on social media, with many users expressing their condolences in the comments.

See some reactions below:

Nancy🥺❤️: “Plz am sorry to ask is it the dog that bite him that changed is voice like that.”

doyinsolaa0: “he was likely bitten by a dog with rabbies, it’s so sad,may hes soul rest in peace,but if anyone is ever bitten by a dog the first thing is to go to.”

SWT__AISE💕🌸🧸: “For me to buy dog put for house I rather buy lion😭.”

Juliet: “Rip. But please I want to ask was it bcs of the dog bite that made him talk that way?.”

patriciaomowumi: “omg while did he not go to hospital immediately the dog bite him ahh God I really feel bite.”

Call me faith🫧💐ꨄ♡︎: “Omo I see this boy yesterday 😭😭😭for hospital 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.”

Melissa: “God i swear this boy yesterday at acumen hospital his condition was really bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭.”

Mitzi💝✨: “The time he used to make this voice note u people could have rush him🥺😭😭to the hospital, so sad.”


Still can’t believe he is gone 😭😭😭pls yall stay away from dog 😭😭

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