Lady returns from overseas after 15 years to learn her brother squandered funds for building project


A lady who has lived abroad for 15 years creates a disturbance after realizing that her brother spent all of the money she had been sending home for a building project.

It was discovered that the lady had been residing abroad for nearly two decades.

She had also been sending money back home to her brother so that he could buy and build a house for her.

The Benin lady returned to Nigeria to discover that her brother had failed to build the house as planned and had gone with her money.

The lady was seen wallowing in a puddle of filthy water as she continued to cry over her brother’s betrayal in the footage that went viral.

Check out reactions that followed …

irodaniel_ said: “Come on! After 15 years of staying overseas, would she gutter herself like this?”

deejay_bc wrote: “Na everytime then dey send money to their brother to build house ?”

preshyyy_blaqq stated: “Oshahon go enter grave”

roc18913 asked: “You no ask for video evidence??”

kingiphyy wondered: “What’s this one”

oluoma_chukwul said: “This pure wickedness. As for me my brothers can never do this kind of sht”

ovie_bright06 wrote: “I don’t know which to believe since i, clout has taken over social media, but if it’s true, it’s painful”

sarampa_ penned: “Abeg rest after throwing ursef ond floor, go and wash up”

Watch video below …


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