Lady in shock, recounts How hairdresser confessed to selling customers’ hair to ritualists [video]


Lady tells the story of a hairdresser who admitted to selling her customers’ hair to wealthy men for ritual purposes.

On TikTok, the lady known as @kingtoriaceo used the video sharing platform to share her experience with others.

According to the lady, she had gone to a salon to get her hair done when she overheard details of her hairdresser’s chat with a coworker about another stylist.

In her story, she stated that the second hairdresser had suddenly become wealthy, refurbishing and furnishing her store with new equipment.

When her colleague asked her about the secret behind her sudden wealth, she had confided in her that she was making lots of money selling her customers’ hair to rich men who use it for diabolical purposes.

Watch her speak below:

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