Lady blocks her man for sending N3K as transport fare


Lady yells as she exposes her conversation with a man after blocking him for providing her N3K for transportation to meet him.

In the discussion released by the lady @taye_d_vibe2, the man invited her to see him at his workplace.

She then asked him for money for transportation to the location.

The guy then sent her N3K to spend, which she discovered to be a relatively modest amount, causing her to question whether the money was intended for pepper.

Before blocking the guy, their conversation took another turn, and she sent him N10,000 to demonstrate her superiority.

Sharing the discussions, she stated that she considers broke males to be red flags.

“Can’t believe this guy sent me 3k.
Trying to impresss who? Lmaooo
Broke men🚩🚩🚩,”
she wrote.

Read some comments below:

@abga_nation said: “Some men will come and defend this rubbish now

If you can’t afford to give her at least 2M weekly.
Please remain single and hustle Period”

@im_emma said: “A win for the man
Nah you loose 😂”

Cutysleem said: “You and the person dey mad
But I like this story una plan am well 😂”

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